Good Night, Humans

There are three sides to every story…

The Earth is now ruled by a ‘superior’ human species known as Robustans. They may have lost their empathy, but they won the war, forcing traditional humans into hiding or to the slave camps.

Reuben, Leila, Jesse and Raz are survivors who will do anything to keep themselves, and their families, alive. But when Jesse’s prophecies show a world where peace might be possible, these four strangers unite to unravel the secrets of the Robustans, in the hope of one day winning back their world.

Meanwhile, mysterious ‘Creatures’ are watching. An enemy far greater than humanity has ever known. As they threaten to rip the Robustan’s world apart, the human survivors are faced with a devastating choice: to survive, and betray every human instinct they have ever known, or to risk everything in the hope that life, and people, can change.