Sigh. So, I’m stuck. I’m so into The Elementalists world, that I’m having trouble writing anything else. And I have to. I’ve got another novel, tentatively titled: ‘The Road to Being Real’, that I want to finish to submit to my agent. I’ve got a lot of hopes riding on it. . .

But I just can’t write it.

I mean, I can. But it’s just so slow. My thoughts move like slugs. Like slugs oozing through treacle. Yet, when I took a five-day break to write ‘Dawn of Ares’. . . I wrote 18k words! On the trot. Just like that. WHYYY?

So how to write when words won’t come? Well. I’m hoping these techniques will help:

  • Stop frikkin’ procrastinating. That would be nice. How? Action: Turn Off Internet.
  • Commit to writing daily. Even if it’s just a few hundred words. Slowly slowly catchy monkey. . . right? Action: Joined Camp NanoWrimo (going super badly so far)
  • Just keep going. And keep tea flowing. Action: boil kettle. And stop writing this post.

I need to get back in the zone. . . wish me luck xxx