And I don’t think I will be any time soon.

So, it’s a tricky one. When you go on google as a layman, dystopia doesn’t seem to be out. I literally just found an article stating that given the age of Trump, dystopia should be due to be back on the horizon again.

But the mood in UK traditional publishing at least seems to be that YA dystopia is in a bit of a slump. It’s understandable – I mean, five or six years ago saw the genre explode. What goes up must come down again, right?

But I just can’t seem to stop writing it. I didn’t write Good Night, Humans thinking about my genre, I just wrote what interested me, and it just so happened to be dystopia. Every time I think of a new idea and I’m like yeah, this is gonna be so awesome. . . I realise. Damn it. . . it’s dystopia. Again.

I sometimes try to disguise my dystopia, the latest time being my most recently completed novel, The Elementalists. It was originally set on a futuristic version of Earth – I guess it would be better described as ‘post-apocalyptic’, whatever – but due to feedback from my agent and publishers about GNH, I decided to make some changes. Now, Elementalists is set in a completely fictional universe, and actually, it did some great things for the complexity of my world building.

And yeah – I thought I’d get away with it. But, apparently epic fantasy is in a pretty similar state to dystopia so. . . Anyway. I will continue my attempts to write contemporary fantasy, but I expect many relapses, and you know what?

I think I’m okay with that. If anything – I’m excited for them 🙂